My 5 Non-Negotiables

As individuals, we have an unlimited amount of actions that we can choose to do every day. The choices that we make daily will impact who we become over time. 

Through these trying times, I have broken down my personal 5 Non-negotiables actions that I take in order to have a great day. 


Meditation is a practice that I have recently become very fond of. I have started to meditate first thing every morning, right when I wake up. Before reaching for the phone. Before checking your email. Before bringing yesterday’s problems into the new day. You have a new day, start it with a clear intention and an elevated heart. 

Before I get started, I like to take my notebook and write down statements or affirmations that I want to carry me through the rest of the day. These can change on a daily or weekly basis. I recommend updating them often so you can be as specific with your thoughts and words as possible. My list of phrases includes- “I am an intentional listener.” “I create a fun and open atmosphere with every interaction.” “I am in control of my destiny.” etc. I use these phrases later in my meditation. 

My meditation practice consists of 10-30 mins of conscious breathing and focused energy.  I focus on extending my inhale and exhale and create a deep breathing pattern. This pattern does not become easier, but after a few minutes of it, you will be more comfortable with it. Once your breath gets comfortable, you will want to bring those affirmations forward. As you continue that breath pattern, focus on one phrase during the inhale and during the exhale. These phrases will support you in raising your energy and aligning your mind(thoughts) and your body(feelings). When I get close to the end of my session, I will let my breath relax to a normal pace, let go of everything, and just…Be.  

Drink Lots of Water

I have spent years of my life battling the scale and dehydrating myself to make weight. Those days have created who I am today. But today, I am hydrated. I drink anywhere from 80-120+ oz of water a day. I make it a priority to drink water. You will not find me putting a glass to my mouth and sip. You will see a full-on chugging machine as I do not like to carry around drinks, just like to get my water in, and move forward. Make sure that your water is clean and that you have a good filter. If you have no filter, you will become the filter. If you find that you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Try to match your pee with the toilet water and you will be good. 


Working out has been a priority in my life ever since I started wrestling. There have only been a few times in my life where I have gone over a week without working out. Setting aside an hour or so a day to break a sweat can support weight management, reduce the risk of chronic disease, increase energy levels, and many other benefits. I like to challenge myself and my body through different workouts to keep me physically and mentally sharp.  

I like to think of working out as PE- Physical Entertainment. I don’t care if it is mountain biking, yoga, martial arts, crossfit, or dancing. Find something that you enjoy doing, and do that for your workout. If you enjoy the practice, you will be more likely to continue to do it and have it become a routine. And if you get tired of it, find something else that lights you up. It is that easy. Get creative. There are lots of fun ways that you can move your body!

Feed Your Brain

With as much access as we have to information today, this one should be a no brainer (no pun intended). Find ways that you can learn and become better than you were yesterday. Whether that is reading a book, listening to a podcast, watching a youtube video, etc. There are plenty of ways to receive information. Find something that you are interested in and learn more about it. I have discovered that my preferred way of learning is by listening to podcasts or audiobooks. I am a very slow reader and words on paper tend to put me to sleep, so I could literally listen to a book 2x before reading it once. Find the method of education for you and dive in. Learning does not stop when you leave school. Actively flex that brain muscle and watch your knowledge grow. 

Connect With Others

Personal connection is one of my core values. I am in love with the idea that everyone is on their own journey and that I can learn something from everyone. This was one of the reasons behind starting Roman Around. Whether it be with a family member, friend, mentor, neighbor, whoever. Connect with that person and understand that you are not alone in whatever you are battling. I was surprised on how much support I received from individuals I have connected with just by opening up and sharing. It is good for the heart and soul to talk about situations out and learn from other people. Pick up the phone, set up a zoom, send a text, and reach out to someone you would like to connect with. You never know what could come from 1 conversation!

Those are my 5 Non-Negotiables, I would love to hear your thoughts on mine and what your non-negotiables are!