Who is Roman_

My name is Roman Perryman



I am a Connector

I believe that I can learn something from everyone in this world. I am passionate about meeting new people, getting into deep conversation, and supporting each other in achieving our goals. There are so many movers and shakers in this world and I want to meet, learn, and share what is helping them grow as a person in living a lifestyle of wellness. 

I am an Experience Seeker

I am always up for a new Experience or Adventure! Whether it is a chance to sweat, get outdoors in nature, a breathing and meditation technique, a live band, or just a reason to spend time together. I am curios as to what individuals are discovering that is helping them improve their , mindset, health, wellness, spirituality, business, or value of life. 


Community is Key!

Growing up in sports and always being around my team, I quickly learned that community was one of my values. I believe in surrounding yourself with like minded individuals who want to grow and are willing to lift others as well.


Join the Roman Empire!

Join me as I hit the streets, seeking new adventures, amazing individuals, and wonderful experiences! I am looking to build an Empire of amazing people and support growth as a collective!

_Change Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone_